Welcome to the first ever ALL ABOUT THE SPONSORS BLOG HOP! These kind members of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB (RRBC) donated their support during the 2017 conference, in the way of gift card and Kindle e-book donations for our Gift Basket Raffle. They supported us and now we are showing our support of them by pushing their book(s).
We ask that you pick up a copy of the title listed and after reading it, leave a review. There are several books on tour today, so please visit the HOP’S main page to follow along.
Also, for every comment that you leave along this tour, including on the HOP’S main page, your name will be entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card to be awarded at the end of the tour!
Have you wondered what goes through the mind of a patient in isolation for nine months? What keeps them going?
June is a 10 year old girl who goes on vacation with her brother and grandmother to Europe and has the time of her life. Six months after their return from vacation, a mysterious “THING” referred to as “Noma” attacks one of the travelers spiraling them out of control. June tells her story of being in a crazy and scary environment revealing unexpected powers that help in coping with loneliness. June finds unusual friends during the darkest days. Lady Bird, the dog, ole folks, Alex and G-Mom play a pivotal role during the journey through a tunnel of darkness.
This blog hop sponsored by: 4WillsPublishing


  1. Hi, Gracie, I have your book on my Kindle waiting in line for reading. Congrats on your #RRBC Sponsor Blog HOP tour. Thank you, Nonnie, this is a great idea! 🌹

  2. The book cover looks so fun! And then, I see the subtitle: Cancer Stinks, and I just feel like this book is a great way of dealing with a tough subject. Thanks for sharing this book with us. 🙂

  3. I loved the book which is written with so much heart – the enduring “love story” between a little girl June, and her fabulous Grandma, known as G-Mom, because she feels much too young to be called, Grandma. G-Mom supports June under the most trying of circumstances. Thanks Gracie.

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